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Beginner eCommerce Business Idea

How You Can Start aSelf-Growing eCommerce Business” and Build a

7- Figure Business with Ease…

(… even if you have zero marketing experience or money to invest)

eCommerce for Retireprenures

Sounds too good to be true? Bear with me for just a moment, and you’ll see how it is not only 100% legit but also super-easy to achieve.

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The thing is…

There are so many BS get-rich-quick schemes and programs out there that it is completely normal to be skeptical.

But what I am going to share with you today is something that will truly blow your mind.


Hi, my name is Mike Magnant, I was in the Navy, managed technology projects in Washington DC. I also used to run a computer consulting business for 18 years.

During my career, I have tried starting multiple eCommerce businesses but failed badly…



Because starting an e-commerce business is harder than it seems.

You have to keep up with inventory, shipping, returns, customer service and finances.

On top of that, you have to learn how to run Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads and spend tons of money on them.

All these things are horrifying and quite crippling.

That’s exactly why I was struggling to take off with my own e-commerce businesses as well.

But then one day, I came across this secret. And that’s when stars finally started to align and things dramatically changed for the better.

I then came to know about this 70+ year old woman who has leveraged the same secret and generated million of dollars with zero marketing or e-commerce experience.









Can you imagine generating $50 million in revenue at the age of 70?

Okay, let’s get back to the secret. Let me tell you this:

It has nothing to do with building website, approaching family, peddling, creating affiliates, doing tons of research or even enrolling in an expensive course.

In fact, all of the training will be given to you for free!


So, what is it?

It’s your lucky day as I am about to share my most profitable secret with you…

Well, it’s called self-growing e-commerce business.

A self-growing e-commerce business is an online webstore that sells products so unique that people become raving fans.


These raving fans are then willing to share/sell your products to their friends and family circle, and often become an affiliate themselves. This is what creates a viral effect. 

You share your profits with the raving fans to turn them into affiliate managers, and that’s how things start to escalate and snowball.


What’s the end result?

You never have to worry about learning how to advertise on different platforms or spend thousands of dollars in ad spend.

You don’t have to study and follow the ever-changing algorithms of social media platforms.

Plus you can outsource your product sourcing, inventory, logistics, customer service and finances to the pros. 

All you have to do is focus on generating more raving fans, who in turn will generate more customers for your business.


And things will run on auto-pilot.



Let me now breakdown what I mentioned above in three main points. And these points are what make up a successful self-growing ecommerce business:

  1. You must have unique products in the right niche that people can truly benefit from and rave about. 

  2. You have to create a unique affiliate system where you don’t just pay to your customers who bring you more customers. Instead, you share your profits with affiliates who help out and generate more affiliates, and promote them to affiliate managers. Finally, you promote the affiliate managers to affiliate directors and your business eventually runs by itself.

  3. You outsource your website, logistics, product selection, and customer service to a team of experts who you can trust.


Second Step, Learn How to Excel the 

Wellness Niche

Now that you have discovered the perfect niche (wellness).

Now it’s time to learn how you can excel in the super-competitive wellness niche.

Being successful in a competitive niche means that your product will get exposed to a huge market. Your sales and revenues will be sky-high, and you will be on your way to financial freedom.

What you need is a product that is unique, more valuable, and different as compared to all the other products available in the market.

While conducting my own research for a unique product in the wellness niche, I came across Dr. Nathan Newman.

He is a pioneer in stem cell research and was able to heal/revive a person’s jawbone (that had to be removed due to cancer).

This 1-minute video below will reveal how he was able to achieve that.

At this point, you must be wondering;

how and where can you find a unique product that people can rave about?

Don’t worry my friend. I won’t leave you high and dry as I am going to answer this question right now as well.


The first step is to find out which niche is hottest and high in demand.

A perfect niche is the one that is fastest growing, has a huge market, and lots of money is being spent.

You go to Google and type in keywords such as “fastest growing population segment in the world”.

You’ll notice that 65 years or older are the fastest-growing population segment in the world right now.

Now let me ask you…

What’s the #1 most popular interest above the age of 65?



You guessed it right. It’s wellness.

After watching the video, you will be intrigued and possibly amazed as to how stem cells work.

The short version:

Every human being is created from a single stem cell.

After we are born the role of stem cells is to repair and regenerate and give us the ability to self-heal.


Have you ever experienced a cut on your skin before? If so, then you have probably seen how after a few days, the skin repairs and regenerates itself. That’s the stem cells doing their thing.


Without stem cells, you would die within 2 hours. And stem cells are not something you can take from someone else.  More bad news we have a limited supply and it gets smaller every year we live.

So, what Dr. Newman did was take the stem cells from this person’s fat. And he fed these stem cells “Special Food” that he discovered after 8 years of research.

This special food would make the stem cells repair and regenerate multiple times faster.

Then he injected these stem cells back into the person’s jaw bone. And that’s how the entire area was miraculously regenerated.

What if there was a way to empower the stem cells throughout your body to significantly boost their repairing and regenerating properties?

Wouldn’t it help you recover every organ in your body from any major disease without any artificial drugs or agonizing surgeries?

You would be able to look and feel as young as a 20-year-old. Your skin will recover from aging and you will always feel full of energy.

So, what is that substance that can empower the stem cells throughout your body?

Recently, I partnered with another doctor who is a Noble Prize winner and was on the discovery channel with Stephan Hawking (before his death).


This doctor was trying to prove that reverse aging is possible if you can empower your stem cells to work at their optimum levels.


And that’s when he discovered this substance known as “Resveratrol”.


This substance is what can empower your stem cells to work at their maximum capacity and repair/regenerate multiple times faster than they normally would.


This means that you would never again have to worry about diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, eczema, aging, you name it.


The video below shows how this substance is interestingly found in red wine. ANd is goes on to say it will take 1000 bottles of red wine a day to have enough resveratrol to make an impact.

But don’t just take my word for it. Go to Google and type “resveratrol + COVID” or “resveratrol + {disease name}”, and you will see what I am talking about.

Resveratrol is found naturally. So one must wonder, “Why doctors don’t prescribe it or FDA doesn’t approve it?”


Well, here is the controversial news for you.


You see, doctors are controlled by drug companies and drug companies cannot patent a naturally occurring substance.


That’s why they can’t make any profit from it.

And FDA approves drugs, not supplements. That’s why resveratrol will not get approved by the FDA.

But there is one more reason too.

Most of the doctors don’t even know a lot about resveratrol or stem cell nutrition. I have asked a few and didn’t get any satisfactory responses.

You too can try asking the doctors in your area about this.


Anyways, there is this huge company created by the top medical doctors who know about stem cell nutrition. It’s called Jeunesse Global.


This company allows you to start your own self-growing e-commerce business.

Healthy Woman

Third Step the HOW?


Well, you try their products and then become an affiliate.


You can then create your own affiliates to become an affiliate manager.


And then from affiliate manager to affiliate director.

And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about product sourcing, inventory, shipping, customer service, or building a website.


Everything is taken care of by Jeunesse Global.

They already have a built-in affiliate system that anyone can leverage and start their own self-growing e-commerce business.

At this point, you probably already know how this is a million-dollar opportunity. 

But I get it…

You have some questions before you would like to get started with it.

No worries.

Simply fill out the form below for access to begin your journey, purchase some products or find the answers to all your questions. 

Learn More

Learn More

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This was truly a life-changing experience. I never thought how simple and easy it would be to start my own self-growing e-commerce business. The products from Jeunesse Global actually work and the results are amazing. What’s better than promoting the products that you truly believe in and creating a successful e-commerce business around them? I am truly grateful to Mike for introducing this incredible opportunity to me.


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