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About Me


Mike invests his time researching and training with the latest technology, so when you are ready to take the next step, he is ready to walk with you. When you have a question about Technology or about an item you are about to purchase. "Call Mike"

A short history

Mike retired from the Navy and worked in our Nation's Capital for 6 years before moving with his wife to the Tampa Bay area. Now in the Technology Support business for more than 14 years, he is actively assisting more than 200 friends. All technology ranging from their smart phones, desktop and laptop, home network, or multi-site companies, copiers, websites and tablets.

I treat all of your computers better than my own, (and I treat mine pretty good too).  The whole idea is to keep your technology running as best it can be all of the time, and predict or prevent a failure by replacing before it happens.  All mechanical equipment fails at some point, it is best if neither you nor I are relying on it when it does.  And if there is a failure, another machine nearby to continue the effort so you do not have any lost business or negative impact from the outage.  If you internet connection needs to be better than 99.999, we will install a second connection.

A little more about me...

Mike started working with computers in the 70s with a Tandy.  And built them from pieces for 20 years before he found a vendor he could trust to build a better machine for less $.  Starting in 2001 he started helping friends in St. Pete until there were more than 300. For several years he provided CIO support to a group of retainer clients, Today after a recent move to Hendersonville Tennessee, he continues to provide business owner, leads and web services.

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