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Retargeting Customers


How would you like to be visible to your customers after they visit your website, on FaceBook?   It is time for us to expand your marketing to social media and take advantage of the incredible opportunities that exist using Social Media.  

What are you willing to pay for a lead?  Let's figure it out together, you pay me per hour what you pay you, while we are together or I am working directly for your company.   

Willing to Discuss
  • Marketing Assistance

  • Business Consulting

  • Facebook Pixel

  • Google Maps

  • Web brochures

A Bit About Me ...

With my experience in getting the best from all technology, Microsoft certifications, and a love for all things electronic ,Let me help your business GROW!

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Thanks for visiting.  You may notice the Green Let's Chat! button on the lower right of the page.  You can click here and leave me a message or possibly chat.


Scammers are present on AM, and we need to try to avaoid them.


You can text me at 813.784.9767 or Telegram or WhatsApp, Just be sure to  include your AM ID so I can recognize you, or of course a picture. :) 


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