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How you can have a “self-Growing eCommerce” business, generate more than 50 million that even an 80 year old could do it. In the next Hour?

Why do you even want a self-growing ecommerce business?

I’ve failed in 10 business and I’m telling you, if you are going to open a traditional business 80 % fail and heres is why…

Hi, My name is Mike Magnant, I was in the Navy for a career and worked for you doing projects in Washington DC and the ran a computer consulting business for a few years.  


To start eCommerce is complicated…

Keep up with inventory, shipping, returns,   and then I found the secret to solving all of these.


Today it’s your lucky day, I am going to share my secret. 


Secret is so powerful that I’ve seen people literally living in their car to becoming a multi-millionaire.


I kid you not an 80 year old could do it. 

This is not setting up a website, don’t even need to do technical things at all

No approaching family peddling, this is not affiliate, this is not having to research or take courses. In fact all of the training is free.

Now I am going to tell you what is a self-growing eCommerce and it can change your life like these people below.

Testimonial  videos

More Testimonials

A self-growing ecommerce is an online webstore that has products that are unique and can create a viral effect and have raving customers so much so that you could incentivize your ravings with a profit sharing


And you never need to have to worry about the increasing advertising costs and keeping up with the ever changing social media algorithm.


Plus you outsource your product sourcing, your inventory, logistics & customer service so you can focus on just your raving fans to get you more customers.  That way , your business runs on autopilot.

All these sounds, but do you know what makes a successful self-growing ecommerce? 

And there are three power points that traditional ecommerce gurus will never share with you.

  1. You must have products that people can rave about and your must target the right niche.

  2. You have your own affiliate program that you could pay your customer who can refer customers to you. And you want to create profit share with your customers who can train customers to bring more customers You need an affiliate program that not only rewards affiliate, but also affiliate managers and even promote them to affiliate directors so your business can run by itself.

  3. You have to outsource your website, logistics, product selection, customer service to management that you can trust and have experience


Case Study of a successful self growing ecommerce   (video)


Step 1: select the niche by typing in google “fastest growing [population segment in the world’ 

Screen shot of answer


Perfect niche. Fastest growing, massive numbers, lots of money to spend


Step 2: How to conquer in the wellness niche that is very competitive

Competitive proves to you that there a huge market

How to be different and better from other competitors

I got to know Dr Nathan Newman, he is a pioneer in stem cell research and just watch 1 min shocking clip below (TV using stem cells to regenerate face)

I learn from Dr Nathan Newman how he grey the person jaw bone and understand this would change the entire human race approach to health.

Let me explain…   


Every human being is created from a single stem cell  which is origin of human


The role of stem cell is to repair and regenerate.. that gives us the ability to self heal


You probably experience when you recover from a cut or a scrape.


You rbody has the ability to regenerate and repair what does that is your stem cells.

So without stem cells you would die in 2 hours and you cannot take stem cells from anyone else


What Dr,. Nathan did was de took stem cells from the persons fat…


And he fed the stem cells “Special Food” that he has researched over 8 years that would make the stem cells repair and regenerate multiple times faster…

Then he injects it back in to the persons jaw bone.. and that is how the entire area is regenerated back..

What if there was a technology that could empower your stem cells to heal every organ in your body from any major disease naturally without artificial drugs and you get to keep your youthful looks and feeling young?


I know all these ideas sound too good to be true.. I felt the same too but when I met Dr Nathan Newman and a Nobel prize nominee, I know this is the future of wellness.

 And the Doctor that I am partnering with who is a Nobel Prize Nominee was on the discovery channel with Stephen hawking (before he passed) to prove the reverse aging is possible you are able to empower your stem cells to work optimal.

In fact one of the natural compound that empowers your stem cells is capable to heal diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, eczema  you name it .

Perhaps it sounds far fetched and interestingly it is found in red wine.  Just watch the ABC news video below,

It will take 100 bottles of red wine a day to have enough resveratrol to make an impact.

Don’t take ABC news of my word for it.


Go to google “resveratrol + any disease’ you can thing of right now and your will know wat I say is nothing but the truth


(picture of screen shots of list of articles)

And I kid you not, try resveratrol Covid 19


Now you know why this products is worth raving about…


The first question I had when I discovered this was “If this is proven, why aren’t doctors prescribing this to patients?


Well, here is something shocking and controversial news…


Doctors are controlled by drug companies and resveratol is attained naturally therefore drug companies cannot patent it and make huge profit from it.


And FDA is controlled by Big Pharma. FDA does not approve supplements, they approve drugs.


Have you visited any Doctor whe you have a sore throat, and doctor recommends you to take more natural honey?



They don’t, they only can prescribe you drugs. Only artificially man made drugs can you own a patent and make lots of money for yourself.

Unfortunately, almost all doctors have zero knowledge about what it takes to empower our own stem cells to repair and regenerate…


You can try asking a medical doctor the next time you see one, I’ve asked a few and they don’t know much about stem cell nutrition.


So back to self-growing eCommerce, So I started helping these doctors market their products


And I leverage on a 700+ award winning global platform to help me ship their products to 160 countries and covers my customer service as well.


And they have a built-in affiliate system that I did not have to spend 1000s to setup.


If you are reading this and you want to know how I do the marketing such that my business grows by itself and your are keen to explore further.

Feel free to get on a call with me simply click on the link below and we can schedule a time that will fit both of us,

I almost forgot here is avideo about Auntee Sally!  Who was 76 years old at the time of this video.  And is still an active Grandmother today.  

If you are still reading, let me apologize for only speaking to two people per day.  When you join me, I will show you my daily schedule and you will see why.

I Can I Help You? 

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